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"Tina of Grand Avenue" by Karin Winegar (32 pages Horsefeed Press 2012 $12.95) is the true story of a rascally black filly and how she almost missed her calling before she became the star of the St. Paul Mounted Patrol.

It teaches children about horses and the special nature and training of police horses.  And it entertains with factual anecdotes about a horse with a resilient, quirky character and a mounted patrol officer with a sense of humor.

Tina was born to a family of Percherons owned by Wally, a farmer who runs a carriage driving business.  She was the smallest foal in the herd, and she's bright and friendly, but her leg is injured playing in the pasture, and she's too small for carriage work, so Wally decides to send her to auction.

Wally's friend Karin doesn't want Tina sold to strangers, so she buys Tina and begins training her.  Tina grows and blooms and learns to be a saddle horse, but she has something more: an "I can do it!" attitude.  So Karin invites the local police officers to consider her for mounted patrol training school.  Tina is paired with Officer Mark, who has never ridden before, and the team not only does well at the scary and demanding training, but with her friendly nature and self-confidence, Tina chases down thieves, appears on TV, patrols concerts and becomes a family favorite on the city's thriving Grand Avenue.


What is it humans receive in return for cherishing and caring for needy animals?

SAVED is a coast to coast journey about the relationship between the saved and the saviors and how the lives of people are forever changed for the best by saving the lives of animals.
Who is actually a rescuer when a human saves a dog from death on the highway, a castaway cat from starvation in the woods, a tropical bird from a tiny cage in a dark, lonely room, a horse from the meat market auction and takes the animal home?
People who take in injured or lost animals certainly save lives, but it is the animals that make their rescuers' lives worthwhile by their devotion, their sense of joy in the moment, their quirks and their kindness.

"SAVED is an extraordinarily poignant book. Unfortunately, we tend to treat animals even worse than we treat ourselves or others socially, emotionally, and politically. Redemption comes from changing our behavior toward animals which then spreads to the rest of our lives. They try their best to help us in this process. This book is a roadmap for our possible redemption."

Novelist Jim Harrison, author of "Legends of the Fall"


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“These photos bring tears to my eyes.  What a wonderful thing, Karin, to bring such a magnificent boy (horse) to kids who hardly ever get near nature at all.  I really love the photos.  The story about the little boy who is going to write a book is so telling.  You and Prinz showed him his magnificence.  It makes me think of the Black Stallion Literacy Project.....”
Lynn Baskfield, Wisdom Horse Coaching

“This is a delightful story based on real characters that highlights the important role that horses can play in urban communities such as St. Paul.  The characterization of Tina's emotions helps emphasize the sensitivity of horses, the strong affection a horse can display for its rider, and a horse's enjoyment of its work when matched with the right partner.  Tina's adventures demonstrate the unique skills that mounted police officers can use in law enforcement and crowd control, as well as the goodwill these partners create.  I had the opportunity to ride the streets with the St. Paul Mounted Patrol and clearly saw the ability and dedication of the horse-officer pairs.  I too was impressed by the affection from the citizens and the respect from the criminal element.  The officer and horse partnership is a unique synergy that makes our streets safer.”
Dr. Tracy Turner, DVM, President of the Minnesota Horse Council

“SAVED proves once again that love rescues us all.”
Rita Mae Brown, Emmy award winning author of the Sneaky Pie Brown mystery series

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff.  These are beautiful tales told beautifully.  Karin has poured her intense love of animals into every sentence.  That love and her considerable genius at writing come through in ways that cannot but touch and uplift any reader still possessed of an immortal soul. And as for Judy’s photos, the woman is amazing.  I LOVED them.  My god.”
Nevada Barr, award winning mystery novelist

"Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform," is nearly unbearable The book is also absolutely riveting, but I wasn't about to crack this one without knowing, going in, that each of these tales has a happy ending.
Amy Goetzman, MinnPost.com review